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Alternative Default - free opencart 1.5.2.x template

Free opencart 1.5.2.x template

If you want to style your store a little bit to separate id from the default stock, this is exactly what you need. A very nice alternative to the opencart default template. If you are looking for something more, please look trough our comercial items.

You have the installation instruction included in the downloaded archive.

Posted by Flo

11 Comments To "Alternative Default - free opencart 1.5.2.x template"

Orcadyl On 26 Sep 2014
Thanks for the almost perfect theme I've been looking to build my website. I've added a few product banners but only one is shown on my website. How do I rectify this? Thanks. Reply to this comment
cho thue xe nang On 08 May 2014
Firstly – I love the theme. Secondly, I was hoping you could help. I have just tried to install a few blog extensions on my site with this theme however the blogs keep appearing in the blue header part of the website as opposed to in main body of the site. Reply to this comment
Donlmik On 19 Nov 2012
Hi :) May I change this template (logo, color, etc...) ? Reply to this comment
Flo On 30 Aug 2012
You need to add modules to the left column in order for it to appear. Please read the 'How to add and edit modules' article. Reply to this comment
Wilma On 30 Aug 2012
Hi - this is a very nice template, thank you. However, the left column doesn't show up for me (OC Any tips on how I can fix that? Thank you. Reply to this comment
Flo On 30 Aug 2012
The only help I can give is to let you know that you didnt set them up right. Reply to this comment
tinoman On 30 Aug 2012
Hello, thank you for this template it's very useful for me. But I have a little bit problem when installed it. Why the left column for categories and latest product can't appear? I tried to set it up in the admin->extensions->modules but there is no result. Could you help me how to fix it? Thank you Reply to this comment
polas On 28 Jun 2012
Thanks for nice template. For me left column doesn't display. Do anyone know how to fix it? Thanks beforehand Reply to this comment
Flo On 24 Jun 2012
Leah Storm On 24 Jun 2012
Has this been tested with yet? Anyone tried it? Reply to this comment

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