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Hide the header cart in opencart

In case you only display prices only if the customer is logged in , this modification is a must.

By default, even if the prices arent displayed for the unlogged customers, they become visible if the visitor adds them to cart.

Make this modification only if the above case applies to you, and the header cart will be hidden until the customer logs in.

Edit the file catalog/view/theme/yourtheme/template/common/header.tpl and find the line:

<?php echo $cart; ?>

and replace it with:

<?php if ($logged) { ?>
<?php echo $cart; ?>
<?php } ?>

Posted by Flo

5 Comments To "Hide the header cart in opencart"

Pgh On 05 May 2014
I just want to remove shopping cart word in header... not remove all of shopping cart header... anybody help me? Reply to this comment
Hassan On 08 Apr 2014
THanks alot, it works for me. :) Reply to this comment
Arab On 10 May 2013
If i want hidden total. What me do? thx Reply to this comment
Jahangir On 14 Jan 2013
where all tha amount stored plzz can u tel me Reply to this comment
Wojtek On 17 May 2012
Price is still visible in the cart, if one follow link on confirmation (popup window), after adding product to cart. On the bootom cart page. Reply to this comment

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