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Display category on product page opencart 1.5x

If you want to display the categories a product belongs to on the product page (like the manufacturer is now), here is how you proceed:

In catalog/controller/product/product.php look for the line:


below it add:

//product category


$this->data['catprod'] = array();

$product_category = $this->model_catalog_product->getCategories($product_id);

foreach ($product_category as $prodcat) {

$category_info = $this->model_catalog_category->getCategory($prodcat['category_id']);

if ($category_info) {

$this->data['catprod'][] = array(
'name' => $category_info['name'],
'href' => $this->url->link('product/category', 'path=' . $category_info['category_id'])
//end of product category

In catalog/view/theme/yourtheme/template/product/product.tpl find the line:

<?php if ($manufacturer) { ?>

And above it add:

<span>Categories: </span><?php foreach ($catprod as $catp) { ?> <a href="/<?php echo $catp['href']; ?>"><?php echo $catp['name']; ?></a> |<?php } ?><br />


That is all.

Posted by Flo

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18 Comments To "Display category on product page opencart 1.5x"

Bob Connolly On 06 Dec 2014
Fantastic, just what I was looking for! Thank you! Reply to this comment
Davide On 30 Nov 2013
Hi! I use this code on opencart 1.5.6 but I can't get it working! Can you help me to solve this please? Reply to this comment
ujita On 20 Sep 2013
hello.. i am totally new to opencart.... so will any one tell me that how to add a product into a newly created category??? Thank you..... Reply to this comment
deadrockerrr On 24 Jul 2013
Thnks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!! awsm awsm code save my life as i am very beginner to opencart cms. I would like to know that how can i add the category name and total number of products count in that category at cart page...plzz give some me.. Reply to this comment
Aenur rohman indonesia On 28 May 2013
Good Job Mr.. Thank U a lot... Reply to this comment
Gil On 13 Apr 2013
Hello Flo, If I may ask, how would you show specific categories/subcategories, each on its own line ? Here is what I want to achieve (to be shown under the Brand/Manufacturer line in the product page). Type: Desktop OS: Windows 7 (With links to "Desktop" & "Windows 7", of course compatible with breadcrumbs - same behaviour as the existing "Brand", in fact, which is a category as well) "Type" & "OS" being specific categories and "Desktop" & "Windows 7" being related subcategories. Thanks for you time! Gil Reply to this comment
mateuszm On 21 Sep 2012
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You helped me a lot. Reply to this comment
marcobo On 10 Sep 2012
FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tanks Reply to this comment
capdase On 24 Jun 2012
In my site I have same product linked to multiple sub category. How do I give preference on displaying that sub category to a product. Reply to this comment
Anyeos On 17 Jun 2012
Same here, the address is duplicated (double root domain). Reply to this comment

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