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Product Display Settings - Free Opencart vqmod

What will this module allow you to do?

You will be able to set from your opencart admin > system > settings >on the options tab:

If you want to display on product listing (category page, search, featured, latest modules) and/or on product page the product code;

If you want to display on the product listing and/or on the product page, the product location

If you want to display on the product listing and/or on the product page the product upc(universal product code);

If you want to display on product listing the product manufacturer

If you want to display on product listing and/or on the product page the product sku

If you want to display on product listing, the stock quantity or stock status(depends on how you've set the stock to initialy display in the same options tab in admin).

If set to yes, all the above fields will display for each product, only if it also has that field inserted in admin. 


To download it go here:

Posted by Flo

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4 Comments To "Product Display Settings - Free Opencart vqmod"

Flo On 30 Aug 2012
If you would have a look at this mod's xml, you will see that there are too many modifications to write instructions for. Reply to this comment
Paul On 30 Aug 2012
What are the hard code instructions, I don't like using the VQmOD. It always messes up my site. Can u let me know what files I have to change and where. I am using 1.5.3. Thanks so much. My email is Thanks so much Reply to this comment
David McGuigan On 17 Jun 2012
Great Addition... Nice Work..... Reply to this comment
Murat On 10 Jun 2012
I asked some help about your extension in opencart forum site. Please help me about this. my e-mail address is Reply to this comment

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