How to add products in OpenCart 1.5 - short version

Posted by Flo on 31 Aug 2011

Learning OpenCart is not hard. However, first time when we enter in the program we may look scared because we do not understand everything. As soon as you login, wait for a moment before starting to ask for help. Is not as hard as it looks and creating your own store, it can be quite rewarding. If you are not very good with computers, you have to take everything in baby steps, one at a time. So, let us start helping you with your next profitable store.
Therefore, you have bought a new domain, you have installed OpenCart and you have bought a brand new theme, which makes it looks great. So far, so good. Now you have to insert your products. This is one of the most important parts of the process. Actually, the products are the main reason for the store. If you do not add the right prices and the right pictures, no one will buy from you because you will show others that you are not trustworthy.
From the main menu press Catalog and then select the Products submenu. There you can see the demo products that come with the install. Before you add new products, you can try to edit one of them, just to see what every field does. This is a good exercise for you to make sure that you do everything right from the first time. Pressing the Insert button from the list, you can add your own products. You will see more tabs and each one of them will add some new information to your products:
1: The first tab has the name, description, and Meta data.
2: The second one has all the pricing, properties, etc
3: The third tab is about linking the product to other parts of the store. For example, you can link your product to downloadable files, related products, multiple categories, and manufacturers. Do not forget that you have to change the all the settings in here before you change them somewhere else.
4: The fourth tab is for product attributes. You can create your attributes in the menu, if you do not know how search for the article about attributes. However, the customer uses them for comparing two or more products
5: This is the product option tab. Product options are variants of the main product. This means that you have a main product, but it can have more colors for example. Such as:
Product: Nokia E7
Color: Red/White/Black
Size: 16GB/32GB
If you are not new to OpenCart you have realized that 1.5x version is quite different to the others. As you can see the options, system is a little bit changed. First, you have to create option types in the Catalog from Options area. Then come to the product page and start typing the name of the option in the autosuggest box to associate it with the product. From there you change the option with pricing, weight, etc. for every product.