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Learn how to install modules in Opencart 1.5.x


Having your own online store can be a great opportunity to gain money. One of the best advantages is that you do not have to invest a fortune to start it. All you need is a website and little basic knowledge. If you do not know anything, do not worry you will find plenty of tutorials on the internet. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install modules in opencart 1.5.1. It is not hard and you will be able to do it yourself as soon as you finish reading. It is true that if you are used to the older versions of Opencart, it may seem a little bit different however, the steps that you have to follow are quite similar. So, do not be stuck and ask for help before trying to fix the problem yourself. You will see that you will save money and in the same time, you will be able to teach others how to do it. So, let us start. If you are searching for how to install modules in opencart 1.5.1 it mean that, you know how to install everything until now and you are not a newbie. There is hope for you and your store.

Adding extra modules to your store, not only that it will ease your work but in the same time will make shopping in your store a greater experience. In addition, this is what a client is looking for. It is possible for him to find the same products in many stores. However, the shopping experience from your website can make him to buy from you. Do not forget this thing when you are developing a new store.

The first thing that you have to do is to search for the modules that you need. You can find lots of them all over the internet. The next thing is to download them on your computer. Create a new folder for all the web scripts that you need. Uploading your installation files in the hosting account is the next normal step. Usually each module has to directories in the archive. One of them is catalog and the next one is admin. Upload it in the public_html folder of your site. Be careful where your store files are uploaded. You have to upload the modules folder in the same place.

Now enter in your administration panel. Click on Extensions and then press the Modules menu. Now you should see the modules, which you have uploaded, shown as being disabled. In order to enable them you have to press the Install button. Now, after several seconds the installation should be finished. At this point instead of the Install button, you will see Edit I Uninstall buttons. Press Edit in order to customize the module as you wish. Is a great thing that you have so many options in order to customize it as you wish. However, do not worry you are not going to be overwhelmed with too many setups.

You should know that the setups are basically the same for all the modules, of course with some slightly changes. Usually you will find some dropdown menus such as the Layout, which point to the pages on which you want the module to appear; the Position, which is asking you where you want to place it; the Status, you have to choose Enabled in order to be visible on the site. The last choice is the Sort Order. You can choose the order of your modules depending on your needs. This is the proper way to install modules in opencart 1.5.1. Was it hard? I hope not. You will gain many things installing these modules. This is why you have to learn how to install them. Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials!

Posted by Flo

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