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Published on 23 Jun 2011

Compatibility:Opencart 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x + 2.0.1 - - 2.0.2 - - - - - -
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2 - News / Blog V4.4 - V4.5 - extension for opencart
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7 - News / Blog V4.4 - V4.5 - extension for opencart
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9 - News / Blog V4.4 - V4.5 - extension for opencart

frontend demo:

admin demo:

Login: demo and password: demo

News/Blog Extension and modules version 4.4(opencart 1.5.x) / 4.5(opencart 2.x)

+++ 27.05.2016 NEW: Version 4.5 only for opencart 2.x, with following changes:

- select date format from admin blog settings
- set article on 1-2 columns separatly for latest articles module
- embed article search on product search page => Now, if you add a latest articles module to the product search layout, instead of latest articles, the module will display articles matching the searched words and it will have link to advanced article search.
- ability to use CKeditor or TinyMCE for the admin pages of the blog. You will have to download ckeditor or tinymce from the developer (they are free) and then just upload them in the path specified in the blog documentation and you are good to go. You can even build your custom version of ckeditor on their website. +++

+++ Update 10.03.2016 - - Added compatibility with opencart 2.2.x +++

+++ Upgrade 06.10.2015

V4.4.1 released -> adds compatibility with opencart 2.1.x


+++ Upgrade 10.08.2015

Added ability to restrict articles and categories by customer group.


+++ 05.02.2015 --- 
Upgraded to v 4.3: 
- added blog archive module
- removed oc 2.0 support, only 2.0.1 and above supported now
- rename db tables of the blog to avoid conflicts (articles will not be lost, the upgrade script takes care of that, but make a backup before upgrade) 
- other minor fixes

+++02.12.2014 --- added support for opencart 2.0.1.x +++

+++10.10.2014 --- Upgrade to version 4.2
- made internal comments multilanguage
- added version for opencart 2.0


+++04.09.2014 --- Upgrade to version 4.1 - > new features

>> Added Facebook meta tags (opengraph) and Twitter meta tags for article pages
>> Added ability to use facebook comments for articles
>> Added ability to use disqus comments for articles
>> Added publish date setting for articles
>> Added image gallery for articles
>> Added youtube videos easy form for articles
>> Added ability to copy articles


+++ Update 28-07-2014 >>>> Fixed problem with multilanguage short description in admin +++
+++ Update 17-03-2014 >>>> Bug fix for pagination on headlines page when seo is on +++

+++Update - 11-03-2014 +++

Upgraded to v4.

In the new version of the news / blog extension a bunch of new features have been added: You can now insert authors and asign them to articles, The admin interface of the blog extension has been redesigned and its much more user friendly , Database install and upgrade integrated in the admin newspanel, Level 1 replies have been added to comments, the frontend of the blog was also redesigned and will offer more compatibility with custom theme, more customization options added for articles, new seo features have been added (custom article title, tags, related articles), see the demo for more.


>> insert/edit articles;

>> insert/edit article categories and subcategories;

>> article search in front-end;

>> comment system for articles with admin moderation + level 1 replies to comments;

>> seo urls and meta data for articles;

>> custom page title and tags for articles;

>> custom short description area;

>> related articles;

>> customizable date added and date updated;

>> settings for article elements displayed in listings;

>> ability to load all the pages in the blog trough tpl file from your custom theme (way better theme compatibility than previous version);

>> you can set featured image in listing;

>> 4 custom fields for articles (input fields but supports html markup);

>> seo urls and meta data for article categories;

>> can enable or disable comments per article;

>> can add products related to the article;

>> can display article main image in listing and product page;

>> multistore articles;

>> multistore article categories;

>> multilanguage description, name and meta data for articles and categories;

>> article layout override;

>> article categories layout override;

>> share this social share integrated;

>> latest news / articles by category module;

>> articles menu module;

>> google xml sitemap module;

>> google base feed (rss feed);

>> blog archive module;

See the demo for more.

Documentation is provided with the download.

Read the installation / upgrade instructions provided with the download before starting to install.