Opencart 1.5x Reward your customers, gain more sales

Posted by Flo on 31 Aug 2011

As me, probably you can get bored with the new features that OpenCart 1.5 has brought on this free open source ecommerce system. There are so many and so interesting that from time to time it can get overwhelming. However, if you take them on at a time you will not have any kind of problem.
Now I want to discuss about The Reward Point System. This is a cool new feature, which can help you to gain more sales and to attract more clients. With it, you offer the possibility to your customers to gain reward points when they buy products but in the same time to use these points to pay less next time when they buy a product. You can set all the details from the Admin Panel so you will know for sure what is the amount of points for each product along with how many points receive for each purchase.
Before we start in discussing the actual process, I have to tell you that if you enable this feature, your clients will not know about the feature until they are not login and they do not have some points in the account. This means that the payment option with points will not be active in the checkout until they have some real points. So, if you manage to make them buy once from you, the second time they will come for sure if you have a great reward system.
Do not forget that the program is not awarding the points automatically. When you edit the order, you will see a button for awarding the reward points. Do not forget to use it.
From the Product Edit page, you will see a Reward Points Tab. The top value sets how many points it takes to buy that item and the values next to the customer groups below are how many points they would receive if they purchased the item. This is all you have to edit for each product. For example, you can set it based on a certain reward. Let us say that the reward is 10%. This means that if the item costs 10$ they will receive 10 Points if they want to buy that certain product. On the other side, if they want to buy the product just with points they will need to pay 100 Reward Points. It can be more simple than that.