Adding Modules, making your store great, just with OpenCart

Posted by Flo on 31 Aug 2011

Once with the complete change of OpenCart, with this new version, many people did not new how to handle these new features. As every new thing in life, you need time to accommodate with it. Let us take Modules, for example. These are the boxes from every page. You probably have seen things like ‘Recommended Products’, or ‘Bestsellers’ on different shopping sites. Well, those things are made with the help of modules. They can be placed in different parts of the page, such as left/right/or based on the content that is already on the page, content-top or content-bottom.
First, you have to go to Extensions, then Modules submenu. There you will see the modules that come with OpenCart. Before you start the actual work, you can play with them a little to see how they act. Change some fields and see where you can add them. Do not forget that some modules can be similar in features or others can be completely different. If you will need some more modules, you can install them later. Many developers are creating useful modules every day. Some of them are free and others are not. Depending on your needs you can choose many others.
As a small task for you, compare the "Latest" module and "Special" module and you will see that they look pretty much the same because they use the same type of data input. On the other side, edit the welcome module and you will see how different that can be.
As you already may know, one of the most important features for 1.5x Opencart is that you can create a different layout for every page and in the same time each module has a layout selection. This means that you can assign the same module a different position on each layout if you want. Therefore, "bestsellers" could be on the right side on the home page and the left side on the account page, for example. This is a very powerful and interesting feature, but you have to pay some attention when you set up your layouts and your pages.
However, in the beginning, the best thing to do is to start with just one layout and have all the same modules on every page. This way you are not going to be stuck on the way. If you store will grow and you will want to be more creative and more complex you can add them later one by one. So, do not try to edit all the default layouts, many of them are just examples for you to learn. If you do not need them, delete them.