How to send e-mails to your clients with Open Cart 1.5x

Posted by Flo on 31 Aug 2011

Having a good communication with your clients is essential for your business. If you know how to create the proper marketing strategies and if you know when to send promotions, you will boost your sales in no time. Even though in OpenCart 1.5x you have a special feature for sending e-mails many of us do not use it. This is one of the first mistakes that you can make as an online store manager. You can send notifications, promotions, contests and release of new products.
In order to be able to send e-mails you have to log into your account. From the Administration Panel you click on Sales and then Mail. You can choose which of your customers will receive e-mails and which not, by adding them in the ‘To’ field. If you choose ’All Newsletter Subscribers’ option, you will send the e-mail to all the customers that agreed to receive your newsletter when they signed up to the site. This is useful to send promotions or new products.
‘All Customers’ will send an email to everyone who is registered on the site, and it can be used for notifications regarding the maintenance of the store for example. Even more, OpenCart is offering you the possibility to create your own emailing lists by searching for the name or email of the customers in the search box below. The search will show you results based on the criteria that you have chosen.
After that, you have to select then by pressing the small arrow. You will see that they are moved to the box from the right. Another interesting feature is that you can send a mail to those who have bought a certain product from your store. After you have chosen the people, which will receive the email, you have to enter a subject in the ‘Subject Field’.
Creating the message is your task. You have to make it interesting and catchy. If you do not know how, you will find specialized person who can write the messages for you. This way you will have a professional look newsletter or promotion. The Send button is the last thing, which you have to press before the message will be sent. Make sure that are no mistakes and that the information you have provided is accurate.